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CEO, Founder, Creative Director Melissa Torres has an education in Interior Architecture, Furniture, and Yacht Designing.   She has an eye and creative vision for spaces and furniture. "Growing up with parents that were hands on and creative, helped my influences in becoming a designer. I remember in my younger years, assisting my mom as an interior decorator setting up her easel. This helped me understand the significance of connecting with your clients and knowing what their wants, vision, and needs are. As for my education, it helped me understand the schematics, and logistics behind the beauty and hard work that happens prior to creating a master piece. Everyday is a learning process; the more I get to connect with clients, peers, and professionals the more I  become a better designer, and person as a whole. " -Melissa 


Multi-Condo Project

 "I used HoneyBee designz for a multi-condo project overseas and was very pleased with the outcome. Melissa is a very good listener, very patient, efficient, and a fanatic about the quality of her work. As such, it was a pleasure working with her. Even though, I was overseas, she was always accessible, and went the extra mile to ensure I was happy. I would definitely recommend her company anytime." - Kibwe W. 

House Hunters

 "We tracked Melissa down after seeing her beautiful work in several homes while out house hunting.  After hearing about and seeing her ideas It was an easy decision to hire her. We couldn't be more pleased. Melissa and her team are talented, professional, affordable and an absolute pleasure to work with.  We would highly recommend HoneyBee Designz to anyone." -Kim and Rich 


 "Melissa Torres is a very talented artist that pays deepest attention to the client's desires and excels at customer service, with very creative solutions and a hard core, on concluding the jobs on time.  You can tell that she puts her mind and heart in every project she is dedicated to. I hired her twice in one year. Her dedication was the same from the start to the end, always making sure that she had met my expectations, but truth to be told, she exceeds my expectations always.  It came out absolutely gorgeous." -Cynthia 

Exceptional Work

 "Melissa provides an exceptional and refreshing eye to all of her work. She assures perfection and oversees that all of the decisions agreed on are executed precisely as discussed. Pleased is an understatement on my decision to work with her." -Fiorella 

Complete Design Schematic

 "I hired Melissa from HoneyBee Designz to creatively help me with a floor plan and complete design schematic of my newly built home. She was understanding and easy to communicate with. She understood exactly what I wanted and brought more to the table then expected. Even with last minute budget cuts she was still able to execute the project beautifully. I would highly recommend HoneyBee  Designz to anyone who is looking for a great, creative, knowledgeable, designer with impeccable taste." -G.Richard 

Talent and Creativeness

"She is very creative and comes up with the most amazing ideas! She is well organzied, and has a lot of unique designs. I would recommend anyone who wants their home completed the right way, to contact her. You will not regret it! I look forward to working with her again, since she did a few projects for me in the past. Good luck Melissa, You are by far the best I have ever came across.  A very satisfied customer." -Jessica 

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